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Company profile of Kiwi-J-Ana Ltd.

Our Services: We offer Educational Tourism both to/from NZ and Japan.
1. Seminar & Article
Where we will introduce New Zealand’s culture, economy, and business practices through speeches and magazines article to the Japanese audience.
2. Tailored Study Tour
We will design, organize and provide the study tour which will be tailored to meet every customer’s preferences and goals at their request.
3. Project Consulting & Support
We are eligible to provide more in-depth consulting, which suits the customer’s situation as well as for both locals Japan and New Zealand, based on the research data and analysis we conduct.
4. Internship & HR Programme
We provide the opportunity for a new generation of New Zealanders to experience a Japanese- based programme through our global internship and the HR programme.

The founder of KJA in 2010, Tony Oikawa moved to New Zealand from Japan with his family after owning and working as a marketing consultant for several companies in Tokyo for 15 years. Tony graduated from Waseda University in 2009 with a master’s in public management. Tony strives to educate Japan on New Zealand culture and vice versa with his company and services. A man focused on community first and someone doing their best for society.

We believe in the boundless potential of improvement that comes with knowledge. Because of this, we seek to stimulate the aspiration towards improvement by introducing people to new ideas and perspectives. With the greater aim of not only introducing the Kiwi values of study, work, family and community to our Japanese visitors, but also to act as a bridge between both New Zealand and Japan by giving opportunities for our partners and visitors to make connections and learn from each other’s cultures, Kiwi-J-Ana (KJA) strives to improve society one person at a time. We aim to achieve this by encouraging Japanese visitors to visit New Zealand and experience first-hand the 4 main aspects of New Zealand’s learning-based education system, family-focused life style, self-managed career, and New Zealand’s public governance. Through these 4 aspects that showcase various points of Kiwi culture and values, we aim to give them various ideas as well as a new perspective in terms of how they can use their experiences in New Zealand to change their daily life. All the while, we aim to make a positive impact in people’s lives while bringing the two culture together.

To ensure the growth of KJA, we continue to strive to create as many connections with various business and individuals in New Zealand as much as we can. And with each connection, we make sure that good communication with our local partners is kept as a top priority as this is especially important to stay connected. By acting as a bridge between New Zealand and Japan, we also encourage our partners to create new relationships with their counterparts in Japan as we believe that every connection, KJA continues to grow.

We aim to challenge our visitors to change and improved their lives as well as the society they are a part of with the information and experiences we introduced to them. Through KJA’s educational tours, sports exchanges and school visits, we also challenge our Japanese visitors to learn about what they are passionate about while also gaining an understanding of the 4 main aspects of New Zealand’s special characteristics which can only be learnt when stepping out of their comfort zone. We seek to teach especially those of the younger generations the various Kiwi values and mind-sets that makes New Zealand a role model in the international theatre by providing them the opportunity to have a homestay experiences. Through every one of our visitors and partners, our vision is to see both kiwis and Japanese people share and learn from each other’s cultures while making connections that will last well into the future. Therefore, bringing both countries closer together to enjoy a wonderful and prosperous relationship.

Can you help Japanese visitors understand how to do things the New Zealand way?
Local business partnerships are one of our essential parts of growth in the market and it always gives us an opportunity to create something new. We can offer you numerous opportunities for local partners to develop a new market in Japan. Our company plays a very important role in connection both Japan and New Zealand and we deeply understand and appreciate the differences in terms of business and cultural practices in both countries. We successfully make various valued partnerships with local and Japanese companies and businesses. We continue to do our best to promote and support our local partners to companies in Japan, therefore establishing more connections between New Zealand and Japan.
We currently enjoy the partnerships of more than 20 local bodies in educating, government sectors, business organizations and friendly homestay hosts.

New online study programme launched for university students, including learning English and businesses, exchange culture, virtual guided sightseeing/town-walk and chatting with host-family.

Global business and Food science short-study for students of the University of Nagano, collaborated with Lincoln University and Ara Institute of Canterbury (Continued annually)
Work with the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Children as well as getting secondary school rugby teams of Christ’s College (2018) and Cashmere High School (2019) to play in Japan
Became Japan representative for Christchurch Educated until 2019
Organized various trips to and from Japan/NZ
Education NZ fair in Nagano with the Tokyo New Zealand embassy and Christchurch Educated
Educating of school teachers from Japan in New Zealand until 2017
Global internship programme with the University of Canterbury (Continued annually)

New Zealand Themes learning workshops nationwide in Japan (Continued annually)
International fundraising project for victims of the Canterbury earthquakes and the Great East Japan Disaster
Company founded

Translated by the internship project with University of Canterbury students : Jack Penman, Kake Locop and Yoonjin Jang.